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German version

Some days ago I found a quick tutorial showing how to create bags from old T-shirt w/o sewing. One of those good ideas available in the width of the world wide wed.

My source is Smarticular. (It’s a german page but using a translator might give you an impression of the site.)

Checking my „hills“ of old cloths needing to be cleared out I found three shirts which were only waiting to be transformed.


First is my beloved Donots shirt (a german alternatve-rock-band). The shirt is unfortunately a bit miscoloured and was afraid to bleach it. I didn’t want to destroy the print. So it was a perfect shirt for the transformation into a project bag:




  1. Cut collar and sleeves, to turn the T-Shirt into a tank top. This step is not necessary using immediately a tank top.
  2. Lay both sides proper on top of each other. Cut the bottom into stripes with a width of arround 1-2 cm and a lenght of arround 10-12 cm.
  3. Hold the stripes on the top and stretch them
  4. Knot one stripe of the front with one of the backside. It’s recommended making two knots. If you don’t like fringes, just turn the shirt to the inner side and dot hte knots inside.

That’s all and quickly done.

I cut the front and backside together, having an even number of stripes.

Cutting wider stripes will narrow the bottom. Therefore I really recommend to cut less wide stripes even if you have to knot a bit more.

I used some textile colour to hide the miscoloured spot beneath the tin. I used a lovely stencil with the shape of a buttlerfly. I really like how it turned.

Overall I created the following three bags:

The olive green shirt shows how it looks like when the stripes are knot inside. I tested here a stencil of an elephant with spray textile colours. Honestly this is not my favourite and looks a bit odd. Anyhow no one else will have such a special elephant on a project bag. I will use the bag and not only filling my wardrobe with it.





There was quite a lot of colour left on the stencil. I didn’t want to wash it away at all. I had the idea to take the tank top bag and put the bag on the stencil. I pressed a bit and the result is perfect. I like this version of the elephant much more. Using the stencil in future again I will put the colour on the stencil and press the textile on the stencil. It was my first time using the spray colours in combination with a stencil. Now I’m a bit more clever. 🙂

I hope that somebody will now as well transform their old shirts into bags. I would love to see your magic bags!



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